Friday, April 20, 2012

BESTeam: Nifty Necklaces!

Brown & Beige Wooden Necklace
Today's feature is for Dee Dee Dzyn on Etsy! Delia lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and while she makes a variety of jewelry, her necklaces drew my eye at once. They are fun and funky and chunky and perfect for showing off. This brown & beige wooden necklace looks like it would go with anything!

Black Onyx & Silver Necklace
For something a little more sophisticated, check out this Black Onyx and Silver Beaded necklace. It would look great at a party, but it would also dress up your everyday outfit of jeans for something kind of fancy.

Arabian Night Beaded Necklace
If you need a little more color in your life, look at this Arabian Night beaded necklace! The red is stunning. It makes me think of sand and the desert and fireworks. What do you think?

Delia also has a blog you should check out!

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  1. Delia's designs are so unique! The onyx open beads are so unusual - Love them all!


  2. Great designs! I love the onyx necklace. Those components are so beautiful and unique!

  3. Great selection - especially the Arabian Nights confection! Just wish I was younger and had the gear to show it off (as well as the excuses!)


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