Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Charms :)

I finally had time yesterday to create a variation on my popular alphabet wine charms: number wine charms! I also updated the colors that are available for the rings. You can order the set in 0-9, 1-10, or you can custom create any numbers you want. I really like the way the double number above (10) came out. I can do that with letters, too, if someone wanted a first and last initial.

Mostly, it just feels good to get this project done. I've had the charms for months, but just never had the chance to put them together. Part of that was that I had a lot of new bead colors, so I didn't want to just put the numbers on some of the older colors that are being discontinued, and I didn't have time to make a lot of new rings when I was still selling the older colors.

Have you ever had a project that seemed to take forever because one part couldn't be completed until something else was done, which was waiting on some third thing?

I used Picasa to add the words under each color. Love Picasa! I also edit in iPhoto. What program do you like to edit photos in?


  1. I like to use photoshop elements, it is like photoshop, very useful, but more simple.

    1. I've wondered about Elements - I've heard good things about it!

  2. Do like the new charms - think they are such a pretty way of distinguishing visitors' glasses! If I were in the entertaining mode, I'd be ordering! However, next time there's a wedding to attend, know exactly where I'll be heading! Have never come across these at any function I've been to in the UK (but then, it's some time since I did any attending, so things might have changed a bit!)

    Hope to be back on the BESTeam feature treadmill soon - Debbi gave me LOA when I was off-line thanks to my server deciding to upgrade their webmail platform without notice! Now we're back again, hope to see you visiting to see what we've recently been up to - and while we wait, we wish you all the best! Isobel

    PS: I usually use a programme loaded on my computer by HP, and then I also use Picasa as well. Both do the job for me!

    1. Thanks! I've actually had quite a few people order my letter charms for bridal showers, anywhere from 20-50 guests!

      I'd like to try a small wedding order sometime, but I don't know anyone getting married anytime soon.


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