Saturday, April 14, 2012

BESTeam: Something Smells Good!

Mango Papaya Spa Soap
Lilly is from Cincinnati, OH, and she is also the owner of Ancient Oils on Etsy. Lilly is a whiz at creating therapeutic grade essential oil blends into perfumes, soaps, body scrubs, and more. She is trained in using aromatherapy to it's maximum benefit.

Strawberry Chocolate Massage Melt
Sore Joints & Muscles Oil - 4 oz
I was particularly intrigued by the massage melts (middle left). To begin with, Strawberry Chocolate sounds like an awesome flavor! While I'm familiar with traditional massage oil, I've never seen some like this where the bar melts as it comes in contact with skin.

I also love these cute little Mango Papaya soap flavors (upper left)! I really love the scent of these flavors, especially together, but I'm not fond of the actual fruits (even mixed with ice cream in a smoothy). What a perfect way get the best of both worlds!

Finally, who would love some special oil to be rubbed into those aching joints? Lilly has a blend for you. Her Blissful Motion oil is ready whenever you are.

Don't think Lilly is only on Etsy! She also has her own blog, which you can view for more information on her, her shop, and other aromatherapy thoughts.

Are you enjoying reading my features? Would you like to write some of your own, and be included in similar stories? Consider joining the BESTeam on Etsy!


  1. Gosh, I wish I could get the hang of all thing internet thingy! Read your post, and then couldn't comment: then realised, I wasn't properly signed in! Suppose, am progressing to find the mistake and correct it.

    Anyhow, loved the post - fully intend to use Lilly's skills for myself and mine before too long. Meanwhile, the best to one and all.


  2. Yum, those massage melts look great, aromatherapy is so powerful!


    1. Don't they? I like aromatherapy for relaxation, but my favorite kind is using scents to trigger memories, like using chocolate chip cookie smells to remember coming home from school to find my mom baking!

  3. Thank You Kismet for this wonderful feature!
    Scents do trigger memories both good and bad! That is why sound Psychologist, Counselors and Life Coaches use aromatherapy in their practice!

  4. Great feature on a great shop! must buy...must


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