Friday, April 6, 2012

Auto Post = Genius!

I've been doing some blogging research about how many times a week to post (general consensus is anywhere between 1-3 times a week for the average blogger, depending on content) and times of day to post which reach the most people and get the most comments. This article by Megan O'Neill is from last year, but it gives great information, showing that more people read and comment in the morning, and that certain days of the week typically have higher views, etc.

Well, that's great, except I don't usually have time to write in the morning except on Saturdays! In fact, I typically write in the evenings and post when people are probably going to bed. I was thinking about this when I noticed a new thing in Blogger as I was typing up my last blog post. Under Post Settings, there's a Schedule! I can use that to write a post on Saturday and have it auto publish on Monday! Wow! Here's a link to some directions, if you'd like.

I'm going to try to write several posts over the weekend when I have more time and then auto post two or three new posts next week. In fact, I'll auto post this!

Have you tried this before? If you blog, how many posts do you typically write a week/month? Do you find certain days of the week work better for you?


  1. In February, I started blogging every day. Between 5 different blogs, it was pretty easy. And the best part is scheduling posts ahead of time. I sleep from about 3-11am most days, and that's Pacific time, so in order for me to post when people are waking up and starting their day, I'd have to skip sleep... not gonna happen.
    I find it easier to write late at night, so I write as many as I can get out for the week ahead, then schedule them for 9am Pacific on the day they should go out. That's noon on the East coast, but still early enough that it will get attention... or so it seems.
    I'm glad you discovered scheduling posts - you'll love it :)

    1. Thanks for your thoughts - I'm loving scheduling already!

      Did you notice any significant increase in views when you started posting more frequently?

  2. Interesting! I've been trying to figure out a schedule and post themes to stick too. I haven't scheduled posts before, but sometimes I'll write and save a post as a draft -like if there's pictures I want to post but don't want to forget I'll upload them and write the entry later when I have time.

    I've read on other blogs you should post once a day! That seems crazy to me but who knows!

    1. Yeah, I worry about once a day because I'm not sure I have the content to handle it and because I think people need a chance to read what you've already done!

  3. That's a terrific idea, Connie! Will follow it up once I'm back on Blogger once more - thanks to my "bull in a China shop" approach to internet matters, signing up for a domain was not such a great idea! Screwed things up something chronic and I'm having to take things bit by bit putting things right (as well as relying on outsiders to help too!). Then my debit card was copies (and it never left my purse!) So .... life is a bit hectic and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms not being able to post anything at because it's not there for me! Crucially, problems with card happened after I'd used it to get the domain! Co-incidence, or what?

    Anyway, whatever.... have a great Easter, and I look forward to doing my bit at BESTeam soon. Meanwhile, I can still read everyone else's!

    Cheers. Isobel

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