Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BESTeam Feature

Here is something brand new and bright from Chicky D's on Etsy! This pillow is bright and fun and full of color and life. In addition to the hair bows I have long admired, there are lots of great pillows just looking for a chair to rest on.

In other things bright, The Orange Windmill on Etsy has handmade leather journals. I particularly like this burnt orange colored thin journal, for people like me who are trying to keep their purses a little on the lighter side.

This cute wine tote from GMa Ellen Crochet Gifts won't fit in a purse, but it's ready to make any picnic a little bit more grown up.

Finally, I could not get by without showing of the beautiful chain bib necklace from Jewelry by Jaynemarie on Etsy. Just think of the necklines you could wear to show of the sparkle here!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BESTeam Feature

Here's a brand new shop to Etsy! Creativity Bugs is hardly three months old, but already going strong. Look at this neat 2x2 base for a picture holder! The top part that holds the picture is a wire spiral.
Keeping it pink, here's something lovely and pink from Stitch Princess! While this apron is too cute and too handy for all the cooking you might be doing soon, Stitch Princess also makes a lot of beautiful custom dresses, both formal and casual.
This wreath from Angels N Everlastings reminds me of a relaxing beach cottage. I think the pink is soothing, and the seashells are just enough and not too much. This shop also has a lot of other neat wall hangings, and I noticed a beautiful angel Christmas tree topper!
I know I've posted something from Empty On The Inside before, but I just have to share this nostalgic card, just waiting for your own message. I call the shoes Keds, some go with Converse, and some with Chuck Taylors, but however you want to say it, I just want to say once upon a time, I had pink shoes just like these.

Friday, November 11, 2011

BESTeam Feature

Oh, wow! Check out this beautiful bangle from Riorita on Etsy! I absolutely love the simplicity of the design, and yet there are so many dimensions that it isn't just the same old thing.
Keeping with Simple in Silver look, check out this lovely Tree of Life necklace by Blue White Wear on Etsy.
Coming to us from CK Silver is the beautiful pair of hand hammered earrings. I think the touch of carnelian dangle just sets the tone. Have I mentioned how much I love carnelian?
Okay, I know this last one isn't silver, but gold is pretty close, right? The versatility of this lovely gold scarf by Joy Flower on Etsy is amazing, and doesn't it just look luxurious?
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Green is the way to go

Mint is a lovely color, and I just love this mint green choker by Poison Garden on Etsy. It's a little bit Gothic and a little bit steampunk, perfect as a gift for someone who needs a bit of dress up.

In other things green, check out these pretty seaweed earrings by KC Dragonfly. I think the dangle here will make a great shimmy/shake on the wearer! And while the earrings have been given the name "seaweed," I can't help but remember there's another holiday coming up which uses a lot of green!

Finally, I can't help but love this little green knit newsboy hat by Knitful Dezigns. How cute will it look on any child or baby you know? I also love that it is unisex, so it can be easily traded around!

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