Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowers in My Hair

I recently got out the glue gun and tried my hand at making hair accessories out of silk flowers. I bought four different styles of flowers and experimented with the best way to glue. I couldn't believe when my first attempt fell off clip after about three wearings! I was also annoyed by how the flower covered the back of one of the clips, making it hard to open. I think this malfunction is what caused the glue to loosen. Back to the drawing board...

I came up with several different designs, some using ribbon as an added hold and some without, using three different bases: bobby pins and two types of alligator clips. My additional attempts have paid off so far - I've worn two of my creations multiple times with success!

I also really like the bobby pins for the smaller flowers I bought, which had looked funny on the larger alligator clips. I also like the bobby pins because they're less obvious and can be tucked in anywhere without disrupting your hair style. And of course, of the two alligator clips, the most comfortable is the more expensive one!

My favorite flower, though, is the one shown here. The color is actually more true to the color of the flower in my hand and upside down as opposed to the one down below shown in my hair. I had to use the flash for that picture, which washed the color out a bit, but doesn't my hair look nice and shiny? :)

On Tuesday I shipped of several versions to my niece, whom my sister has agreed to let test them! She has beautiful thick hair, so if the barrettes can stand up to her hair and high activity level, I know I have a winner! I think I'll encourage her to use them as true accessories, e.g. at the base of a ponytail, instead of to actually hold back all of her hair.

 These may make it into my shop, or I may just make them for family and friends because it's fun and because I always need more  clips for my hair! Have any of you ever made hair accessories? If so, to what success?

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