Friday, June 1, 2012

Leather Blossoms

Red Leather Rose
YES! All of these flowers are handcrafted out of leather by Julia of Leather Blossoms!

I originally ran across Leather Blossoms on Etsy almost two years ago, admired the leather flowers on headbands, wished I had somewhere to wear the beautiful creations, and filed the shop in the back of my head for a "someday" purchase. Well, fate put the shop in front of me again recently, and I absolutely love all the new styles! There's no question that anyone can find something in this shop to wear for daily use or a special occasion.

I warn you now, I couldn't choose just a few items, so be prepared for a leather photo extravaganza! (Sidebar: everything you see here comes in multiple colors, and I admit you are only being exposed to my color biases. Check out her shop to find something to match your favorite outfit! You can click the link under each photo to go directly to that item's shop page.)

Small Pink Flower Headband
Small Teal Flower Headband

I think these headbands are perfect for casual wear. They have a clean, fun look without grabbing all the attention. I also appreciate that many of the the photos are taken with both a blond and a brunette mannequin, because what looks good on a blond may NOT be what looks good on me!

Large Yellow Flower Headband
Large Periwinkle Flower Headba

I also think that any of these headbands would be perfect for bridesmaids, or even the bride. After all, who has bridesmaids who all have the same length hair to create the same up-do? This way, it doesn't matter what hair style they wear!

Leather Orange Flower on Alligator Clip
For those who aren't too interested in headbands but love the leather flower look, there are also hair clips and ponytail holders. I've been really into hair clips lately, so as soon as I saw these, I fell in love. The leather also adds a level of sophistication, which allows the clips to be worn in settings where silk flowers may not be appropriate.

Leather Poinsettia Bobby Pins

Leather Flower Ponytail Holder

I've focused on hair accessories today, but you should know that Julia has also made many of these flowers into pins (for your jacket, etc.) and jewelry. She also has leather purses and clutches and other leather accessories, in addition to a sale section of the store! If you're the kind of person who's always on the cutting edge of what's new in fashion, or if you just like to wear things that not everybody is, you must check out Leather Blossoms!

PS: If you're more of an "I could do that!" type of person, Julia has a second shop, Blossoms DIY, which offers unattached flowers and leather die cuts.


  1. Lovely feature, Julia has a wonderful shop one of my favs too!

  2. One word: AWESOME!
    These leather flowers are just amazing. I SO get why you couldn't just choose a few to post! The red leather rose at the top is just stunning. And I love all the colors - really love the small teal flower headband!
    Great feature!
    from Blogging Buddies

  3. Those are so cool! I love the leather flower look!

  4. Wow, absolutely stunning all around! I can understand why you had trouble picking a couple favorites to feature. I agree with Stela that the leather flower look is great.

    Thanks for linking up with me. :)

  5. Wow, it's amazing those intricate flowers are made of leather! Great shop.

  6. these flowers are amazing. I'm on my way to her shop now.

  7. What fun! I love that they come in so many styles and colors!


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