Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Dyed Wool Today!

Hey, folks!

I was fortunate enough to receive some wool roving, a corriedale/rambouillet/finn cross, in a lovely cream color. I thought it would be fun to try dying it green, so I pulled out my food coloring and followed the directions from this Instructables post: Wool Dying.

I left the wool in the water/vinegar mix for about 10 hours.

My food coloring didn't want to dissolve, so I had to whisk it in, and it turned the water a nice light Kelly green.

I microwaved for the first 3 minutes, and the water was still green. No big deal, it was supposed to go for a second set. After the second 3 minutes, the water was still green, and I thought, "Hmm, maybe I just ruined some wool?" But after the third 3 minutes, the water was clear! I had to take some of the water out in a drinking glass to look at just because I wasn't really sure.

I can't believe the wool basically turned the exact same color as the water!

Next project: Dye some more wool! I have two more similar sized roving pieces, but I didn't want to attempt to dye it all at once in case something went horrifically wrong.

Anyway, when that's done, I'm going to ball each one up to make dryer balls, but I'll save that project for another post. :)
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