Sunday, February 26, 2012

BESTeam Feature: Oscar Night!

Well, it's Oscar night tonight, and I think that anyone who's spent most of the day getting ready to walk the red carpet might have started with a little something like the Dead Sea Mud pictured below. It comes from Ancient Oils on Etsy. I know, it looks kind of dirty, but it's mud, right? And if it were white or pink, would you really trust it to be all-natural? If you're not walking down the red carpet, I think it looks like a super fun way to start a girls' night in!

Now that you're suitably pampered, what are you going to wear? I absolutely love this hand-painted silk chiffon ruana by Joyflower on Etsy. Can't you see yourself or one of the stars in this? What I think is great is the many ways it can be worn. Look at Joyflower's shop to see many other hand-painted silk pretties!

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  1. Liked your choices and allusions to the Oscars! Really supportive blog!

  2. Gosh, I loved the fashions on the Red Carpet! Emma Stone looked so fabulous in her stunning red dress with the big red sash at the neck!! Thank you for featuring my ruana in your blog!


  3. Very nice coverage of these wonderful products and artists1 And I agree with Joy..her red dress and sash were just gorgeous!


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