Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Sky Artworks

Who's a Black Sheep?
Today's Friday Feature is on Kate and Big Sky Artworks on Etsy! Kate lives in Colstrip, MT, which I think I almost drove through once on my way from Missoula to ND.... Anyway, you've got to check out the awesomely quirky mugs she makes!

I'm particularly enthralled with her animal mugs. I've never seen anything like these anywhere else. She throws all the pottery personally and then sculpts the faces, but don't think that you won't find anything if you don't want to drink from a sheep. Kate also has traditional mugs, sculptures, and more.

Funny Bunny Rabbit

Isn't this a cute bunny? It reminds me of being a little kid and drinking hot cocoa out of mugs with two handles for maximum safety. :) I can just imagine it being the go-to mug in the morning.

Better yet, take him to work to show off to your co-workers how much cooler you are (and to stop that darn John Doe from two floors up from using your personal mug. Drinking from a big bunny head is not considered stealthy).

Dragon's Head
Now here is an amazing piece of art! This dragon's head mug is crazy and unique and perfect for people who don't want to step in line.

Just as an FYI, this mug holds a full pint of whatever beverage you think is appropriate to be drinking out of a dragon's head. You know, things like a mild caffeine-free herbal tea or some such thing. ;)

Lucky Duck!

This little guy isn't so lucky, after all - he used to have feet! But his accident is to your benefit, because it means he's considered a "second": the same cute face and functionality at a lower price. I love the eyes looking a little bit off to the side and the expression on his beak.

I also kind of think these mugs are the sort of thing people really, really want, but have a hard time buying for themselves. Do them a favor. Make it a gift. :)

*Note* I am not compensated for any of my Friday Features. I am currently approaching shops I particularly like and offering to share them so that my readers may discover new shops.


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