Sunday, February 19, 2012

BESTeam Feature

I'll tell you, this is the weirdest winter I've ever had in SD, because it's mid-February, and I swear there's new green in my not-so-snow-covered lawn . So you know what I'm thinking? Spring! And Spring brings us to flowers, and you know how I feel about flowers.

I love flowers! You probably know that already because whenever I have the chance to post pictures of flower hair clips, I do. :) Today, however, I have an actual flower to post, or at least a picture of one, by Vintage Daisy Studio on Etsy.

In a different kind of flower, I found a neat necklace from Patty's Dream Design. The little flower and bird motif enclosed in a glass pendant is just sweet as can be.

On a simpler note, here is another type of handcraftedness featuring a flower. This pretty silver pendant is by Rio Rita and has a carnelian stone at the center.

Are you enjoying reading my features? Would you like to write some of your own, and be included in similar stories? Consider joining the BESTeam on Etsy!


  1. U love your flowers! Impatiently waiting for Spring! Thank you for featuring my necklace!

  2. Thank you for featuring my necklace

  3. You're not the only one experiencing a weird winter this year! We've only had 1 day of snow (thank goodness), yesterday we were into Spring: today, it was back to wintry frosty chill. Tomorrow and next week, it's March weather - viz. wind and rain (in buckets!) We'll pay for it, for sure - probably Easter with 4 ft of snow!

    Loved the flower choices!

  4. Just left my vote on your survey - as requested.

  5. Lovely work, so springy! The bulbs are pushing up and the violets are blossoming here in Oregon!!


  6. I love your theme! Even though I live in Hawaii, being at the base of a Volcano, it is rainy all the time and now there is snow on the volcano! Oh well, I shouldn't complain, but I do appreciate the vibrant spring time colors! Thank you!


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