Monday, May 7, 2012

Focusing on Where and What to Sell

Lately, I've been doing some hard thinking about what I sell and where it sells.

Over the last two years, I've sold in two places: online at Etsy and at a small, local Saturday Market in the summer. The Saturday Market is going to change format this summer and try to combine with an evening music montage on Friday nights. There are several factors that concern me about this, particularly the change in customer base.

My beaded jewelry has sold hot and cold in the casual atmosphere of Saturday mornings (one week sells a lot, the next week not at all) and consistently poorly in the very competitive Etsy market. On the other hand, my alphabet wine charms have done well beyond my expectations on Etsy, and so-so in person. Overall, last summer's Saturday Market sales either stagnated or went down when compared per week to the previous summer's while my Etsy sales increased.

I've decided to go to a few Friday nights to test the waters with a new display set up that I got this winter before I knew about the change in format and take the bracelets which have been really popular in person. I'll also focus on better highlighting my wine charms in person because when people see how they can be used, they stop and look more. 

It's time to listen to what my customers want and focus where my customers are. I'm excited because this gives me an opportunity to expand a part of my business in a direction I never would have thought of. It's the area where I've gotten the best feedback and had the most custom orders.

Have you ever been surprised by your best sellers? Have you had to make a decision about what to make or where to sell it?


  1. best of luck...let us know how the friday nights go..

  2. I made a big decision where to sell, but it was not about selling in person. In late 2010, I decided to leave Etsy and move to Zibbet. Etsy's fees were getting to be too much for me, and while I knew it would take some time to build my business back up, it was totally worth it :)


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