Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Management

I just wanted to have a quick post so you'd know I haven't completely left the building! I have a lot going on right now, and I am currently working on a plan for time management. Last year as soon as September hit, I sort of dropped off the radar until May, and I am trying very hard for that not to happen again this year, although clearly I've gone back to a few of my bad habits!

I am trying to figure out a regular schedule where I can post here twice a week: one feature as I've been doing lately and the other about the arts and crafts that I'm up to. I hope that the days I post here, I will also post something new to Facebook.

I'm going to write down a schedule I think I can stick to, and we'll see how it goes for a while. I think the visual reminder to make this a priority will help. As with many of you, I imagine, I sometimes have trouble balancing all the different aspects of my life, from my family and house care to my full time day job to trying to make Absolutely Kismet a better business.

Happy blogging!

1 comment:

  1. I fully identify with the difficulty of finding time to post.Wish you success!


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