Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Clean Workspace

This post is about the first of two similar ideas: the fact it's easier to be creative in a clean workspace and the fact that sometimes you just need to get rid of things and de-clutter a space. I'll talk about de-cluttering and my struggles and successes in the coming days, but today I want to talk about a clean work environment.

Here is how my work desk has looked:

I know! The question is, where did I work, then? Well, the answer would often be balancing a bead board on my lap (do you like the alliteration in that sentence?). I could hardly find the tools and beading materials after I'd just laid them down on the table (this mess actually isn't too bad compared to how it has been). Sad. This sort of set up is unproductive for me for two reasons: I can't find anything and I don't feel creative. Both reasons make me not want to work, and this is what I do for fun!

Now check this out:

The desk may be kind of old, but having a clean space with only one project on it at a time (okay, maybe two!) works so much better. The problem I have is keeping it clean! I'm making a commitment now to cleaning my desk every time I finish a project, and I now have several things on my desk, not shown here, which help keep me organized. For example, I used to keep all my tools in a drawer with my supplies, but I'd start with two tools and end up having to get up every five minutes until I ended up with five or six tools to complete a project. I now have a cute basket that holds all my tools and stays on the desk all the time. It doesn't take up much space, it looks nice, and I can find what I want easily, therefore saving myself a lot of time.

I also moved the desk closer to the window and found an actual chair. While I love my little chaise lounge, it was too easy to just move things from the desk to the part I wasn't sitting on, thus creating even more clutter. Now I have better light and more incentive to put things away.

This is getting long and I have lots to say, so I'll continue the conversation next time! Now, what are some of the things you do to keep yourself organized?


  1. Congratulations on clearing up your workspace! I just finished a de-cluttering of some storage areas in my house. It makes you feel good, doesn't it?

  2. My husband got tired of my clutter (I had taken over our walk in closet with my boxes) so he built me an art studio. So now I can leave my stuff out, and just close the door, lol. of course, it is also our guest house, so a few times of year I am forced to clean and organize, but that's ok. I love my studio.

  3. lol, Your table looks like a before and after picture of mine as well!
    I comment you for having the courage to post the messy table. I don't think I could do that!

    Welcome to the BESTeam as well!
    I am Cathy from HeadpinWear. I am going to make sure I am following you, I hope you follow me as well :)



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