Friday, August 6, 2010

New Venture: Metal Stamping

I've been thinking for a while that metal stamping would be a really fun way to expand my skills, so for my birthday, my parents gave me a Stamping on Metal Starter Kit, from Beaducation. To the left is a picture of the letters and numbers that come included.

I started out with the plain disk on the left, punched a hole using the metal hole puncher included, taped where I wanted my bottom edge to be, and, well, here's the final result:

I think it's not bad for a first try! I'm sure my second attempt will have the spacing a little bit better, and perhaps the "heart" will be facing the right direction. :) Don't worry, Mom, I'll perfect it before I start making Christmas presents, because you know everyone will be getting dogtags! lol. Just kidding. Probably.

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