Monday, September 12, 2011

Ancient Oils on Etsy Feature

Ancient Oils on Etsy is a cute little aromatherapy shop run by Lilly! I love that she has a degree in metaphysics and various certifications in holistic energy healing, giving her blends specific healing properties. Several of her creations were created out of personal need, such as the peppermint blend roll on to relieve sinus pressure.

This custom blend massage oil also has a soothing peppermint and wintergreen scent in addition to essentials oils to specifically target aches and pains.

Keeping with the peppermint theme, here is a neat peppermint foot scrub! It has a luffa inside, making it ready to go whenever you get home.

Finally, here is an opportunity to create your very own custom scent! I think this is a great way to mix several of your favorite scents to create a signature perfume.

Maybe you couldn't tell I was in a peppermint mood when I wrote this, but check out Lilly's shop to discover her many other aromas!

Find Lilly Here:


  1. Oh wow, the Loofah Sponge in a Soap!
    Now thats on my Christmas List as well :)

    Thanks for sharing, especially that!


    BTW! This shop has an awesome blog, including recipe's that you can make at home. I think everyone should not only go to her shop, but her blog as well!!

  2. Nice feature. I too really like her products and blog. I have been trying my hand at oils and have gone completely holistic when it comes to personal care...thanks to people like her!


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